"Your Mother Was A Hit It And Quit It Thang" (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


Smith v. Lewis: An Ohio man suspects his great uncle fathered the woman who claims is his biological daughter. 

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“Your Mother Was A Hit It And Quit It Thang” (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 7, Episode 1



  1. How are you going to be mad at a man for telling the truth? Especially a man who had every right to doubt but stepped up anyway to keep her out of the system? The daughter needed empowering but so did the man. I believe him when he said she''s been disrespectful. The question was asked several times, "why would a man take a child that he don't think isn't his into his home and care for it?", when the question should've been "what kind of mother lets a man they hadn't seen in a long time take their 3 day old baby away?" This dude got no credit or kudos for taking in a child he didn't know whether or not was his- home to his new wife? The inconsistencies that have crept in and took up residence on this show is becoming disappointing.

  2. Judge Lakes you are SO disgusting the way that you defend these NO good a** women! He has a right to say that! She cheated on him with his UNCLE!!! You and Maury are pathetic! Women can't just bash these men and get away with it!! What a dam* shame! Absolutely disgusting!

  3. Dang she look identical to his uncle. 2 trifling parents she had. I commend Mr Lewis. Took one for the team knowing the truth. Women are so fckn trifling when it comes down to this and wonder y the dudes leave out

  4. Mr. Lewis had an opportunity to get tested years ago. This would have spared Ms. Smith much of the hurt and disappointment that she was just faced with. Yes, Mr. Lewis was correct. She was not his child, but Ms. Smith said she asked him to do the test a long time ago. Now her mother on the other hand was just down right nasty for messing with Mr. Lewis and his great-great uncle. Part of her daughter’s disappointment is because of her actions. It is sad that this type of stuff still exists; sleeping with multiple family members out of spite, drunkenness or whatever the reason may be. It was done way back in the day and the cycle still repeats itself. My grandmother was born in 1933 and when she passed back in August of 2019 she still didn’t know who her father was. Her mother never told her and would not tell her if she asked. She grew up thinking that her mother was her aunt and vice versa. Until her aunt told her one day that she was truly her aunt and not her mother. The cycle must be broken!!!! ??‍♀️

  5. So it's ok to dog out and downgrade him for telling the hard, honest truth? The hypocrisy is strong in here… if it was me, I'd be doing the James Brown slide all the way out of there

  6. Lauren really hates admitting when a man is proven right. All that guilt trippin' they do to men on this show when they has good reason to doubt is ridiculous, but NEVER wanna call a woman out for being loose, CAUSING the doubt..?

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