Woman Says She Likes Her Men With A "Dash" of Ugly (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


Valentin v. Jordan: After having a one-night-stand, this Chicago woman brings her sex partner to court to prove he is the biological father of her four-month-old son.

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Woman Says She Likes Her Men With A “Dash” of Ugly (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 7, Episode 7



  1. Couples court should cosign with divorce court cuz these hoes obviously be lying ? I know ole dude wouldnt just magically make that stuff up plus he had a witness that seen men in and out her apartment I mean come on now

  2. The parenting style in America among black people is a worrisome. These guys are products of dysfunctional homes and they are transferring it to their own children too. Most black children dont know who their fathers are because of the irresponsible ways of the ladies especially the black and it's so sad. Am black and am ashamed of the vicious cycle.

  3. She should have told both him and his friend to take their exhibit and shove it. I admit I didn't watch the whole thing, but he and his DL boyfriend got on my nerves – all of em are immature and need counseling. This loud mess was too much for me; fast-forward to the end.

  4. Ill watch every episode just to see Judge Lauren Lakes…she's so intelligent and finnnnnnneeeee….Even when she's mad she's soooo beautiful ??? oh lawd???

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