Woman Orders $1,600 Worth of Girl Scout Cookies From Daughter’s Troop and Refuses to Pay


Noel Hines, 31, was arrested and charged with theft. Hines allegedly accepted a large order for Girl Scout cookies to sell for her daughter’s Girl Scout troop in March but when it came time for the bill to be paid, the Girls Scouts of Western Ohio claim they never received any payment.

Girl Scout officials and police say they then tried to contact Hines several times over a period of six months but were never successful at reaching her in order to retrieve the $1,600 that they were owed.

Girl Scout officials were left with no choice but to file a police a report on the matter. Police arrested her on Tuesday and charged her with theft.

This situation has to be embarrassing for the daughter. Can you imagine how many times the Girl Scout officials asked the young daughter about this matter. The daughter was literally stuck between the trifling actions of her mother and the Girl Scout leaders.


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