Woman Got Tattoo of Man's Name But Man Did Not Show Up (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


Phillips v. Polk: A woman on a revenge mission ends up catching feelings for the man she claims fathered her one-month-old daughter.

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Woman Got Tattoo of Man’s Name But Man Did Not Show Up (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

#PaternityCourt #LaurenLake

Season 7, Episode 57



  1. She should had said uh oh when the judge read the results! How old is that fool and she will probably open her legs for him again even he just treated her like a cheap trick in court,too bad she don’t have brothers like Dinah in the Bible, he would be uh oohed

  2. Here we go with this "period" mess again! Good lord!
    But anyway, poor, naive little girl; feelings hurt 'cause she thought she had something irresistible. I hope after this she understands that a man will say whatever he needs to to get what he wants

  3. WOW LAUREN LAKE IS SOMETHING✍? that was and entire word, I needed to hear that some women everywhere needed to hear that‼️‼️ THANK YOU FOR DROPPING THAT GEM. (When you downgrade him, you downgrade yourself because your the one laying on your back with your legs opened) believe what a man says when your legs are closed not opened)

  4. You can tell they young bu the way they talk especially her lol but the baby have his nose let me keep watching

    And she probably still going to go back to him even tho Judy lake just spit facts smh

  5. Why are women giving it up on the 1st date??? Whatever happened with getting to know one another for a few months to see if the guy's gonna stick around or not before you give it up!!! A lot of the women on this show give it up so freely cuz they have no respect for themselves obviously!!! This women need to respect their bodies in treat them as temples as they are, and as they should be!!!

  6. You better off being a dead beat father than an up standing gentleman. If this dude was to say, ‘I’m done with the childish games, I am going to school.’ His number would be blocked and deleted and she would end up with a new guy like that

  7. This Judge is very bias towards women, getting all over this man about him sleeping around, but even said the same thing to this woman, because she was sleeping around on her man as well.

  8. The woman: ' i really want my baby to have a father, not a daddy''.
    Yeah…. well…. get married before getting pregnant then. Until that day, you only have a baby daddy as an option.


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