Woman Denied DNA Test Twice Before Coming To Court (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


Beckley v. Allen: After fathering her two older children, this Michigan women is bringing her ex-boyfriend to court to prove he is the biological father of her third child.

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Woman Denied DNA Test Twice Before Coming To Court (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 7, Episode 24



  1. This guy is sadly confused, he thinks making more babies means he’s a better father and he’s going to making them until he’s homeless. Like the judge said, it’s about the quality of the father, not how many you pump out

  2. I have gone this myself..I got so annoyed bcoz the father of my twins knew for sure he was the father. He denied them.he tortured me mentally,he never step up for them..it was hard for sure..I completely understand.. What I know a woman's love for her kids can force her to sleep with the father of her kids hoping that he can step up…..for 4 years my twins Dad denied them until his death bed when it was so late..but ladies we shd learn before bringing more children in the world.

  3. He doesn’t understand that, yes, he should STOP making more people! I have ONE child and I’m struggling financially right now… I would not go and make another one to struggle more…. until my financial situation improves, she will be an only child… and that’s that!

  4. He so full it. He thinks by shouting he feels more comfortable. And right but he is a fool just lost with a sea of kids. No money no good direction in life. Low pay no skilled person in life. Everyone knows he doesn't take care his children. That father died thing is just to fool people and himself.

  5. I have never rolled my eyes harder than when he started ranting and raging about his "right" to keep having children that he CANNOT afford. Dude, get a vasectomy. Makes sense that he's with a young girl. Only a naive fool.would lay up with him.

  6. He’s a stone-cold fool. He’s trying to spread his little bit of change across SEVEN children, and doesn’t see a problem having more. None of them get enough, and all of them are being cheated. Wrap it up, and stop having kids just because that’s the only thing you do well.

  7. women have the power to create a human being. we need to be protecting ourselves! condoms condoms condoms condoms. birth control birth control birth control!! this man is gonna be making more babies!!

  8. Nice to see a bit a passion from a father even if it was a bit misguided. He looks a bit depressed if you ask me. I hope he gets help, and counceling. His father being murdered is really weighing heavy on his mind . I cannot imagine how that would make me feel.

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