Woman Accused of Bouncing Among Fiance, Ex's, Coworkers (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


Jenkins v. Hensley: A man breaks off an engagement and has one foot out the door because he doubts he fathered his girlfriend’s “miracle baby.”

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Woman Accused of Bouncing Among Fiance, Ex’s, Coworkers (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 7 , Episode 8



  1. I wish you did updates on the cases to see if they are still together if the fathers really stepped up to the plate even if they were or weren’t the fathers like they say. And if the woman that did cheat are now being faithful. What couples stayed together.

  2. Ain't nobody watchin no personal injury court so give it up! Bahahahahaha it looks so fake!! You can't live with someone and say you love someone and treat their baby like that. It's a part of her regardless and I'm not gonna keep any man around holding that over my baby's head.

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