Scorned Woman Kills Pastor and Wounds His Wife


Little Rock, Arkansas psychologist, Latoshia Daniels, murdered the married paster she was dating and shot his wife. Allegedly, while firing shots, Latoshia screamed out, “You broke my heart!” Read about the story here. I’m not gonna dwell on what’s already been reported by multiple websites.

When I was growing up, my mom had a saying. It went, “These men will make you crazy.”

Did I quite understand it as an adolescent? Not so much. But now that I am fully grown, and have been taken out of character at least once, by a man, I’d have to agree with my mom. You can be the smartest, wisest, most sane woman ever… But matters of the heart…a man playing with your emotions, will flip a switch and send you into the territory better known as crazy. I surmise that’s what happened to Latoshia Daniels.

Daniel’s business website states the following on the About Us page: Latoshia is a Licensed Certified Social Worker, Qualified Clinical Social Worker, and a Certified Anger Management Specialist II, and entrepreneur.  She has over 14 years of experience working with individuals, children, and families. She is a clinician in private practice.

Latoshia provides quality behavioral and mental health services to adolescents and adults who struggle with issues related to depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, anger, mood changes, and relational issues.

Latoshia holds three academic degrees including a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (the University of Arkansas at Little Rock), Master of Social Work (the University of Arkansas at Little Rock), and a Doctor of Social Work with a specialization in Criminal Justice (Walden University).

Latoshia Daniels founded Links of Love (L.O.L.) a non-profit organization, in June 2017

So we know Latoshia was well educated in matters such as these. So why did she snap?

Borrowing from Aretha Franklin’s song, Chain of Fools, it seems Ms. Daniels was just another link in Pastor Perry’s chain.

Peep the posts below…



















Posts from Pastor Thaddeus Matthews Facebook Page:
































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