Popeyes Infamous Spicy Chicken Sandwich Returns & Black People Lose Their Mind


On Sunday, November 3rd, Popeyes announced their chicken sandwiches were back available for purchase. Since then, all hell has broken lose in black communities north, south, east, and west.

From fighting to outright murder. These chicken sandwiches have not only furthered the stereotype that black people love chicken, it has CERTIFIED it.


To stop a man from jumping in front of her, this woman caused at least one thousand dollars worth of damage to her MERCEDES BENZ.



In Oxon Hill, Maryland a suburb right outside of Washington, DC a man got into a fight over the infamous chicken sandwich and was sadly stabbed to death. Stabbed to death…over a sandwich.

The victim, a 28-year-old man, was stabbed outside the restaurant around 7p.m., Prince George’s County Police spokeswoman Jennifer Donelan said at a news conference Monday.

He had been in line for a chicken sandwich when he and another man got into an argument, which spilled onto the street, Donelan said. Police believe the argument began over someone cutting in line.
“For you to get that angry over anything … and to develop into this type of violence, again, is a very sad and tragic day,” Donelan said.
Officers who arrived on the scene applied lifesaving measures until the man was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Donelan said.
Police are still looking for the suspect. Donelan asked the suspect and people who were in restaurant at the time to reach out to detectives.
“We are looking for a male, and that male knows who he is,” Donelan said. “He knows what he did here tonight, and he needs to do the right thing and he needs to step up and turn himself in.” Considering camera’s are everywhere, this person will be caught very soon.

I’ve never had the Popeyes chicken sandwich and if it has people acting like this, I DON”T WANT IT!

What’s insane is, this chicken craze was predicted in a Boondocks episode. Peep the clip below…