Man Tested Woman's Faithfulness By Faking Weekend Getaway (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


Commons v. Baker: After his girlfriend confesses to cheating with an ex, an Illinois man begins to doubt he is the father.


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Man Tested Woman’s Faithfulness By Faking Weekend Getaway (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 7, Episode 6



  1. Women like this should be killed and forgotten about, she has no emotions or feelings of truth, yet she wants justice when she was the cheater and manipulator ? What a disgusting individual.

  2. why is it so hard to make them understand that if you want love and respect, behave like one…. and your kids will benefit from it….having a morally upright family….they act immoral and yet wanted to be respected and love?! duhhh?!

  3. Why do they let the man stay if he disrespectful to the child? If your experiencing hardship with him in the home and if he decides to divide a home he would have to leave until he get his proof he needs to help aide in the functioning of our home and family. ain't no way

  4. Ladies we REALLY got to work together in stead of working against each other. If that was your friend b4 that should still be your friend no matter what the results. Don't get me wrong…I have dreams of finding the right husband for me and having kids and having a great relationship where we are BOTH happy with each other…however until then I live my life. I am by no means a hoe but I live my life and my girls are my girls. Whoever my friends were before will be my friends after. I back my friends up especially in court.

  5. You said just the right thing , im proud of the way you handled this situation. You were absolutely right when you said they were acting a fool. All their arguing back and forth, was not called for. They weren't stating facts, they were seeing who could shame the other the most. That little one is darling! I hope her parents grow up before she dose.

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