Man Caught Girlfriend Cheating When Skipping School (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


Lillard v. Holt/Holt: She broke his heart over 20 years ago and now her high school sweetheart is in court to prove he is not her son’s biological father.


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Man Caught Girlfriend Cheating When Skipping School (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 7, Episode 54



  1. Did he seriously say such rude things about the boys mother . He seriously has a problem . Those who talk about it don't do it . He needs to wash his mouth out with soap and water . The poor boy must have been mortified . He did look unhappy at the results though . Maybe he was wishing he was his son to make himself feel more manly .

  2. Some friend baloney she was messing around getting down with this other man she is just a selfish feminism do what she wants and takes no responsibility for her actions with how many other men she loves to ride and the truth slowly comes out and yes wasn’t surprised when he wasn’t the father do these hoes ever tell the truth or is DNA the only true lie detector!

  3. Something seems a little shady about Ms.Holt. And Mr. Holt's anger needs to be projected to the person beside him as well cuz she's the one who created the doubt.

  4. When you don’t know who your children (child) fathers are is bad but when your a older woman with older children who knows what is going on and is in court with you hit totally different when your child finds out his/her mother a HOE??‍♀️??‍♀️?

  5. Women cannot teach men to be men! Let it go!

    This situation is absolutely her fault because women cannot do what they do sexually and the judge has pointed that out before. We end up with the baby and men can bounce. Simple as. So stop trying trying to be "equal" when it comes to that! Sheesh!

  6. I know she didn't want her son to know she was a thot back than, but she's going to have to be honest about her past. She's in denial about being a hoe. She needs to help her son find his father now. That's not fair to her son at all.

  7. She wasted 20 years shaming the wrong man, even after she had a DNA test already with another. She knew he wasn't the father. The real one wants nothing to do with her or is in prison..

  8. that’s so sad… they were doing all of that messing around when they were in high school ? nobody is perfect but girl… now she got a 20 year old son and she swore she knew who was the father and it wasn’t even the first two men she tested


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