Man Accused of Raping Girlfriends’ Daughter


This story has been told many times over. Woman meets man. Woman moves man in with her kids. Man sexually abuses one of the woman’s kids. In this case we have 45 year old Daryl Wiggles. His girlfriend moved him into her home with her four daughters. FOUR DAUGHTERS.

According to the arrest report, a the girlfriend came home on Sunday to find her three children outside in the front yard. The children told the woman that their 14-year-old sister was inside the home.

The woman went inside and found the door to the master bedroom closed. She ultimately forced open the door and found Wiggles holding the door with one hand and trying to pull his pants up with the other. She also saw the 14-year-old on the bed, naked from the waist down. According to the report, the girl said, “He made me come in the room, he raped me, twice.”

According to the report, the girl said Wiggles told her to go inside and the other sisters to go outside. The girl initially said no, but when he told her again, she complied. Inside the bedroom, she said Wiggles told her to take her clothes off. When she said no, she said he slapped her in the face. She said she then took her clothes off and he raped her. At one point, the girl said one of the other children knocked on the door. Wiggles, with his pants around his waist, opened the door and yelled at the girl. The teen said Wiggles tried to have sex with her again just minutes before the woman came home and forced her way into the bedroom.

Police said Wiggles was arrested before on a charge of sexual battery on a victim under 12 on Oct. 14, 1995.

Wiggles appeared in court Monday morning.


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