Georgia Woman Says Man Stole Her Heart and Her Life Savings


A Conyers, Georgia woman looking for love online said she lost $270,000 after someone using a fake profile stole her heart and her life savings.

Betty Davies said she met a man using the name “Donald Moore” on  Donald pretended to share her interests and offered to share her life.

She considered the safest online dating site, so she joined it.

Donald emailed her saying he was a chemical engineer on assignment in Malaysia.

“And the deeper he charmed me, the deeper I fell,” Davies said.

They planned to meet in Atlanta, but their romance took a dark turn when he told her someone had grabbed his briefcase, which had his wallet and credit cards in it.

Donald said he needed cash.

Davies said she hesitated, but then wired $5,000 and then, $15,000 more.

That’s when Donald told her he wanted to marry her.

“‘I think I want to marry you,'” Davies said. “All the words a woman wants to hear.”

She admits emotion blew away common sense and eventually, she realized Donald didn’t exist.

But, not before the scammer cleaned out her savings — $270,000.

Davies told police and filled out federal complaints against

“For the fake profiles on the website and misleading the consumer that two real people are meeting,” Davies said.

A class action lawsuit in Illinois claimed more than half the profiles are fake. It has been dismissed.

Just this year on, 15 customers claimed fake profile scammers targeted them.

One woman lost $100,000; another lost $280,000 and another lost $530,000.

Davies, who is facing breast cancer for the second time, said that $300,000 could have covered so much of her treatment.

“I have no heart left because of this, I’m heartless,” Davies said.


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