Double Timing Two Men To Be The Father? (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


Portis v. Middlebrooks: Even though he has been paying child support, this IL man claims he is not the father of his ex-girlfriend’s 2 year old daughter.


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Double Timing Two Men To Be The Father? (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 7, Episode 2



  1. Her Aunt is her guardian, this little girl been had issues. She's spiteful, disrespectful, & immature; please do better. I am so happy his Mom is in his corner, b/c she would run circles around him ??‍♀️

  2. Look idiot you said when she told you she was pregnant you dropped her. That’s trifling, what did you think she was gonna do. She is rude and his mama wanna know when there was a relationship? Why don’t you ask you son, he got to many excuses. His eye contact with the audience like he a stand up guy. Shut your mama up. $37.50 a week dang. You the cause for that. You should have gone when they sent you the notice for court. That’s your fault idiot. You see that mama shake her head no. She an idiot too.

  3. As soon as she says I'm pregnant by your son I'm saying as soon as the baby pops out we will need a dna period. If proven it's his he will Go get his rights asap because we will never have to fight to see what's ours.

  4. The father is a grown baby making man. Why his mommy in court with him. I agree with his child's mother, she needs to sit down and shut up. He was man enough to lay and make a life so he should be man enough to stand up in court without holding his mommy's hand. She told the truth from the beginning to end, he's the father. She is young and beautiful, his lost.

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