Couple Comes Back To Paternity Court For Seconds (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


Elston v. Elston: A marriage is on the line when a man returns to court with his wife and her newborn baby, to find out if another man has once again fathered her child.


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Couple Comes Back To Paternity Court For Seconds (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Season 7, Episode 22



  1. The woman is talking to the friend about 'my car, my house and he pays all the bills'. Can't have it both ways if you aren't working. They can be 'yours' if you paid for them and 'ours' if he paid for them and they are married, but you would be out on the street if he wasn't providing for you and a child that isn't his. The woman is just toxic and so degrading to her husband as shown by the texts. I can see why he moved out.

  2. He's a good guy but, the way she's treating him is going to make him distrustful in his next relationship!!! I Pray that he finds that woman that is deserving of him. That they be a Blessing to each other in Jesus name amen!!!???️?️

  3. She spoke her truth when she said he pays all my bills and the car they were messing in was hers and oh the baby isn't yours but I am going to put you on child support. She expects to be a kept woman but can say or do whatever she wants and he is not supposed to question it.

  4. She must not watch PC. From what I’ve seen on this show, you don’t have to marry the guy to put him on child support, all you have to do is go down to the child support office and give them any name without a lick of PROOF!… ??? ?

  5. He needs to leave her. They can co-parent together. She thinks she is God gift to men and she is not going to stop cheating on him. She has the attitude “you are lucky to have a woman like me.”

  6. She got some nerve disrespecting that other woman calling her out her name, when she had a baby earlier by another man..

    insert spongebob meme here

    Iight ima head out

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