$12,000 Worth of Perfume Stolen From Ulta Beauty


This is one of those instances when you wish the suspects weren’t black. Two females and one male is accused were caught on surveillance stealing an alleged $12,000 worth of perfume and cologne from Ulta Beauty.

I, as a black woman, already feel like 2Pac’s song “All Eyez On Me” when I walk into Ulta… I have no clue how two black females and one black male were able to confiscate and then walk out of Ulta with $12,000 worth of goods.

The theft took place in McDonough, Georgia a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Of course police wants anyone with information to contact them. Uh no…team no snitching in this matter.

But please please please…black people, don’t do things like this. You make it worse for the rest of us.


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