WTH?! Kiss Cam Makes Boyfriend Walkout After Girlfriend Kisses Black Guy


They say what one man won’t do, another one will! Apparently, that’s what happened when the Kiss Cam spotlight landed on one woman. After her boyfriend openly rejected her on camera, she refused to be detoured by his lack of chivalry so she took matters into her own hands when she found herself in the spotlight of the impromptu Kiss Cam.

The Kiss Cam: The couple attended a basketball game in Atlanta. Like most Kiss Cams, the cam landed on random couples in the audience. As expected, most complied with the relatively simple rules and planted chaste kisses for the audience. But, when the camera landed on one couple, things didn’t go according to plan. The woman looked relatively excited when she noticed the camera had landed on her and her man. But, he looked totally uninterested in participating. So, when she leaned in for a kiss, he casually took a sip of his drink and looked the other way. Unbothered, she hunched her shoulders and turned the other way. Without words, she gestured to the black guy sitting to her left, and he accepted the silent offer and kissed her.

The crowd cheered, but her boyfriend appeared less than thrilled about the kiss. In fact, he looked so disgusted, he stood up and walked off without saying a word.

Social Media Reaction: Needless to say, many have found the Kiss Cam video hilarious. In fact, it has even gone viral. While some viewers found her actions disrespectful to her boyfriend, others found the video to be hilarious.

Did They Really Breakup?: Unfortunately, no one really knows how the relationship turned out after the guy abruptly left his seat during the game. But, regardless of how things turned out, many social media users agree the whole candid incident was quite entertaining.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!

Source: WhenLoveWasReal.com