Woman Kills Her Boyfriend By Pouring Bleach Down His Throat


Everybody loved him, shared Clarence Hebron with CBS Chicago as he spoke about his late grandson’s death. Darius Ellis was allegedly killed by his girlfriend, Yasmine Elder, in a low-down dirty way. An Argument That Went Too Far According to Fox 26 Houston, Ellis was picking up Elder from work when the two began to argue. Elder, 24, and Ellis, 26, got into an argument on Monday as Elder believed that Ellis had been cheating on her. In what might have been a jealous rage, Elder allegedly grabbed Ellis by his dreadlocks and then pinned him on the floor between the seats with her knee. The two then struggled over a bottle of bleach. Ellis was not a big man. He was 5-foot-7 and weighed 130 pounds. However, his girlfriend, is 5-foot-3 and weighs over 200 pounds. Using her weight to overthrow her boyfriend, Elder allegedly doused him with bleach in his face and throat causing him to swallow the bleach.

The Confession: After having bleach thrown in his face and down his throat, Ellis managed to get away and ran to a friend’s house. He fell to the ground and began foaming at the mouth. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but he died. Before his death, he revealed to his friend that his girlfriend,  Yasmine Elder, was responsible. When confronted by one of Ellis’ family members, Elder admitted to the act and even allegedly laughed when the family member shared with her that Ellis could possibly die because of her rage. Now, Elder has been arrested and is facing a first degree murder charge that could possibly have her spending the rest of her life in jail.