A successful football player and his wife wound up dead last year, allegedly shot in their bed by an intruder.

But as the story unfolded, police charged the couple’s then 16-year-old son with their murders, and now it’s been revealed that the now 17-year-old will be tried as an adult.

Antonio and Dawn Armstrong and their kids, a boy and a girl, were living the idyllic life. After a successful career in the NFL, Armstrong had become a hero in the upscale community of Bellaire outside of Houston. In addition to being an associate pastor, he worked as a fitness instructor.

But one night that tragically changed when the father of two and his wife Dawn were found shot to death in their own bed, with pillows covering their faces. It was their teenage son who called police and said he saw a masked intruder in the house, but that story unraveled over the next fews days, according to news reports.

The Grio reports:

It’s been months since the news broke that Antonio Armstrong and his wife, Dawn, were shot and killed and that their 17-year-old son was being charged for their murder.

Now, according to the Daily Mail, Antonio Armstrong Jr. is facing life in prison with the possibility of parole after 40 years, as he is being tried as an adult.

Rick DeToto, lawyer for Armstrong Jr., said that his client was “obviously disappointed” by the decision. He has maintained his innocence in the case and claimed that his parents were killed by an unknown masked intruder. A gun was found by investigators along with a note that read, “I have been watching you for some time.”

“We’ve been telling him since the first time we met him that he could be tried as an adult based on the offense and the court,” DeToto said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Prosecutor Martina Longoria said that the note and the gun found on the kitchen counter appeared to be part of a cover-up attempt. What’s more, according to Longorio, Armstrong Jr., who is known as A.J., told a homicide detective that he had discharged a gun in his room prior to his parents being murdered.

ABC 13 reported that friends and family thought of the couple and their kids as an “all-American family.” Armstrong was a former NFL player and fitness instructor, according to police.

The bodies of both Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong were found in their second-floor bedroom early one Friday morning last July on Palmetto at Mapleridge in the Bellaire area of Houston.

The teen allegedly told police he heard gunshots in his parents’ bedroom and that he went inside a closet on the third floor. His sister, meantime, was sound asleep in her second flood bedroom.

Police say it was the teen who allowed them inside the home when they arrived, and that Armstrong’s son had to turn off an expensive security system to let them in.

Officers were not convinced by the teen’s story, at one point allegedly claiming he saw a masked man inside the house.

The Armstrongs were found shot inside their bedroom, both with pillows over their faces. Dawn Armstrong was dead by the time police found her.

A .22 caliber handgun was also found on a kitchen counter, along with the handwritten note. Bullet casings found in the bedroom matched the gun.

Detectives claim the suspect admitted to experimenting with silencing the gun with blankets and pillows in recent days.

The 16-year-old suspect is charged with murder, but capital murder was upgraded after his father later died at a hospital.

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